About Us – EVmotorcity

Evmotorcity is a site that brings all the updates which keeps on happening in the EV world. Evmotorcity covers all types of topics related to electric vehicles.

This site is built with purpose to bring the existence and importance of EV to people’s mind. We here at evmotorcity talk about each and every electrical vehicle and all the things related to electric vehicles.

EVmotorcity – All About Electric Vehicles

The site was created in 2021, when the team felt the need to clear all the doubts and topics related to electric vehicles which is stopping people from leaping to EV’s and have a better environment. Our writers have experienced the vehicles themselves and collect data from real life users to bring you a quality rich blog that will hopefully answer all the questions popping up inside your brain.

We here at evmotocity believe that an electric vehicle can be a perfect fit for anyone. We just want to play our part and just need to make the people realize why we feel this and how it is true. Evmotorcity is created with a mission to provide the EV industry with something that it needed for a long time, a platform that helps the new buyers learn about EV’s and simultaneously also making the old EV users to understand their vehicle better than ever. We here provide every kind of detail in the easiest way we can give just to make your decision easier.

There are many other sites covering the electric vehicle industry we here took the initiative to create a platform to educate them of what are the benefits of having an EV along side the overall other expenses and other things related to electric vehicles too.