Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

Beginning with the concept of how electric batteries came into existence. The idea behind electric vehicles is to replace the fuel vehicles which not only cause pollution but end up burning resources which are non renewable. Electric vehicles are highly related to sustainability. Sustainability on the other hand focuses on recycling, reusing and recharging. Electric vehicles run on batteries instead of fuel. 

What happens when the battery dies? | Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

How many of us have thought about what happens when the EV batteries die? If you think it gets dumped in landfill and becomes a part of waste, you are wrong. The batteries are repurposed and used for less demanding products.

The EV batteries die when the battery reaches its usage upto 70- 80 percentile. These batteries do not go to waste as the potential may be lowered but the energy remaining in it is still available for use. These batteries has the potential usage for :

  • Home or commercial use
  • Energy storage system
  • As energy backup for globally renowned firms or clubs like Amsterdam Arena
  • Deployment electric grids

EV Batteries Recyclable

What type of battery is used in an Electric vehicle? | Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

There are two types of battery which have the features required to power an electric vehicle. Those are lithium-ion batteries and fluoride batteries. Among these two types of battery Lithium battery is chosen because:

Lithium battery Fluoride battery
  • It is electropositive energy
  • It is electronegative energy
  • Has lesser electron affinity. Provides required energy to run a vehicle.
  • Has higher electron affinity as it is negative and higher pull. Provides 8 times more energy than lithium batteries.
  • More stable and does not pose danger
  • The instability of fluoride causes potential danger 

Currently the electric vehicles are using lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are lighter, as we know lithium falls in lighter elements in a periodic table.It also gives high energy density with a lighter weight. For better operation of the vehicle lighter components are used and lithium-ion battery is tailor made to meet the EV battery standards. Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

How can it be recycled? | Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

Be apart from reusing the used batteries we can also recycle the batteries. Each battery has chemical components which are in demand for producing more EV related products. These components are:

  • Lithium
  • Cobalt
  • Magnesium
  • Nickel

These chemical components are very valuable components in making metal and other industrial activities. Certain mechanical and hydrometallurgical methods are used to technically recycle these components of EV batteries. This approach of recycling the component is more sustainable as it is a low carbon process. Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

Significance of recycling EV battery | Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

Recycling is the process of restoring or recharging the limited resources existing. This process is more crucial when it comes to manufacturing EV batteries as the elements and  components for the batteries are very limited and it requires more attention. The availability of the resource not only affects the supply of the products related to EV but also the cost and the usage of the product. The idea of bringing EV to market is to follow and develop a sustainable lifestyle. This act is to provide a better future and a greener and pollution free planet. Recycling the EV battery has these advantages:

  • Prevents from overmining for producing minerals like lithium and nickel. Overmining is the root cause for ecological problems relating to groundwater, loss of biodiversity and soil erosion.
  • The rising trend of EVs have increased the demand for lithium. By recycling lithium we can maintain the resource at an optimal level.
  • For manufacturing EV battery certain metals are used. These metal scraps are recycled and used for various industrial purpose.
  • Putting back resources in its place after using helps in lowering the cost at different levels.
  • Creates more employment opportunities in the research and development department of recycling EV battery.
  • Aids in avoiding chemical landfills. When the EV batteries are dumped in landfills, it not only causes wastage of resources but also creates chemical contamination of soil and water. 
  • Creates opportunities and sources for local and small business at an affordable rate.
  • Promotes environmental friendly industrial practices.

EV Batteries Recyclable

The Golden Window | Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

Post global crisis that has affected the nations economically and financially, EV battery recycling is a golden window. Recycling of battery serves as an opportunity for startups, automobile manufacturers, waste management and other related fields. The importance of ecofriendly and sustainability has taken its stand global. The population of the world has took a moment to recognize, regret and rectify it’s flaws. The attempt to a greener planet has given the opportunities to industrialist, governments and business enthusiast to build a foundation for future. The EV battery is still a developing field of interest, it gives space to explore, develop and implement innovative ideas in the industry. The automakers, EV battery manufacturers have only scratched the surface of the electric vehicle and EV battery concept.  Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

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Limitation of EV battery recycling |  Are EV Batteries Recyclable?

The recycling industry is still at the initial stage. The technology for extracting and recycling batteries are very limited as of now. The EV battery recycling system has to grow and develop in a faster pace as the production of EVs are increasing. Here are few major obstacle of the EV battery recycling process:

  • The idea of recycling batteries are still fresh. The technology and labor required for this is more in demand. The investment and the cost inquired in acquiring the right fit for effecting EV battery recycle is huge.
  • The system for collecting batteries for recycle from various region is still developing. Therefore the cost of transportation of the material is pretty high as well.
  • There are not much used batter since the electric vehicle usage has started recently. Worn out batteries are scarce.
  • The process involved in recycling is tedious. The collected batteries are first assembled, dismantled and sorted before separation. The separation process involves chemicals which are hazardous to health.
  • The recycling firms are yet to be standardized. Effective form of rules, regulations and techniques are required for making EV battery recycling a potential business. Are EV Batteries Recyclable?
  • The automakers and battery manufactures are still highly depending on mining of minerals as the cost of recycled products are high.