Electric vehicle blogs

Trying to keep up with the news, announcements, trends, and developments in the world of electric vehicles (EV) is becoming more and more overwhelming. So how does it keep up with the volume of EV news and try, if at all, to make sense?

There are dozens and dozens of EV websites and blogs, but the following are my personal favorites and top websites for reliable EV information. The pages are listed in this blog:

Electric vehicle Blogs

Electric vehicle blogs

  1. Charged – Electric Vehicles Magazine:

Charged is a website very focused on the business side of electric vehicles and it is also a real magazine, both print and digital. In addition to general EV news, the website offers job vacancies and an area for technical reports and webinars. In addition to business-oriented content, the site often digs a little deeper into technical and new product development topics for electric vehicle batteries and chargers.

  1. Clean Technica:

It covers all areas of Greentech, but a significant proportion of the articles deal with electric vehicles, legislation, charging, and battery development. There is a sister site, EV Obsession, but the same articles run on both sites. Under the direction of editor Zachary Shahan, the site uses dozens of authors.

The site has a lot of international coverage, can be quite political at times, and has a fairly healthy comment section.

  1. Electrek.co: Electric vehicle blogs

An excellent site that tends to be very Tesla-centric, but often delivers news (especially about Tesla) before everyone else. Editor Fred Lambert is known to have Elon Musk participate in Twitter discussions to confirm rumors or speculation about upcoming features or developments in things like faster superchargers. The blog’s content typically focuses on electric vehicles about 75% of the time, with Tesla having half or more of that and the rest on solar, wind, and other renewables topics.

Types of electric vehicles: – BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, and FCEVs.

  1. Green Car Reports:

Perhaps the most detailed electric vehicle website, GCR has a wide variety of content, from industry breaking news to test drives, electric vehicle procedures, videos, model information, and more. The site has a very active comment section. Editor-in-chief John Voelcker is a longtime auto industry reporter. Green Car Reports also has a pretty nifty iOS mobile app.

  1. Inside EVs | Electric vehicle Blogs 

Dedicated exclusively not only to reporting the latest news but to “examining how what and why of electric vehicles”. The site has a core group of the auto industry and electric vehicle writers, including founder/editor Jay Cole and a dozen regular and occasional contributors. In addition to excellent trend analysis and breaking news, my personal favorite aspect of the website is the monthly Plug-In Sales Dashboard, possibly the most up-to-date and comprehensive tracking of sales of plug-in and hybrid electric vehicle models. the only battery on the market. Internet.

  1. Teslarati: Electric vehicle blogs

As the name suggests, this site is all about Tesla news: vehicles, battery storage, solar power, and everything Elon Musk related. The website has a handy mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices if you just want to read articles on a tablet or smartphone.


  1. Plug-In America | Electric vehicle Blogs 

Website for the leading US electric vehicle awareness association and programs like National Drive Electric Week. As an association site, Plug-in America stands out for providing consumers with many tools and resources to help them determine if an electric vehicle is right for them, find the right model, learn about state and national incentives, and more.

  1. Plug-In India | Electric vehicle Blogs 

The website from the Plug-In group was created specifically for the Indian audience with the aim to bring the knowledge of electric vehicles to more and more people in the country. The site is updated on a regular basis keeping up with all the news in the market.

Electric vehicle Blogs

  1. Electric Vehicles – The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing open and unbiased car reviews and the latest news from the auto industry. A battery with sometimes shocking but timely news about the past, present, and future of electric vehicles.

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  1. EV Connect: Electric vehicle blogs

Dive into electric vehicle charging management and technologies, industry news, trends and insights, and the latest sustainability programs. EV Connect offers electric vehicle charge management solutions through its EV Connect network.

Obviously, there are many other EV sites, but these seven above are just my place of reference. If you think I’m missing a great EV site, please let me know in the comment section.