Electric Vehicle Projects

Here are some Top Electric Vehicle Projects

Electric vehicle related projects are innovative and challenging. Basically, the projects are electrotechnical projects. Electric vehicle projects can also be implemented in an interdisciplinary way. The concepts of electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering would be of great help to carry out the projects.

List of electric vehicle projects

Today we divide the projects into different categories. The projects would be listed in five different categories. The 5 project categories are:

  1. DC-DC converter
  2. Inverters for electric vehicles
  3. Battery management system
  4. Charging station for electric vehicles
  5. Vehicle control unit

The third group of projects concerns the DC-DC converter in an electric vehicle.

Why do we use a DC-DC converter in an electric vehicle? Lights, small snake motors, windows, etc. all these work with low voltage (12V, 24V, etc.).

The DC-DC converter with greater than 95% efficiency converts high voltage to low voltage to power auxiliary devices.

  • DC-DC converter with low switching losses
  • Intelligent dual operation of the DC-DC converter (charger and converter)
  • Multi-level DC-DC converter
  • Small DC-DC converter for electric vehicles
  • Analysis to find the best DC-DC converter for an electric vehicle
  • Filters for DC-DC Converter for charging low-voltage EV battery
  • Cooling system design for DC-DC converter
  • DC-DC converter for solar powered electric vehicles
  • DC-DC converter for vehicle-to-vehicle charging
  • Switching strategy for the minimal power loss in the DC-DC converter

List of 50 Top Electric Vehicle Projects

  • Inverters for electric vehicles | Electric Vehicle Projects

The inverter (converter) of the electric vehicle converts the DC power from the battery into three-phase AC power to power the induction motor in an electric vehicle.

  • SVPWM inverter and operating modes to minimize switching loss
  • Multi-level inverter for an electric vehicle
  • Bidirectional converter for regenerative braking
  • Efficient regenerative braking with ultracapacitor
  • A new topology for electric vehicle inverters
  • Minimized heat loss in an EV inverter
  • Regenerative braking with minimum loss during switching
  • Circuit for protection of electric vehicle inverters
  • Power factor improvement in the inverter and power analysis in the EV model
  • Inverter strategy simulation model for different driving cycles


  • Battery management system | Electric Vehicle Projects

The battery is one of the most expensive components of an electric vehicle. A battery management system, which is a control unit, monitors the status of the battery and helps the VCU make decisions based on the status of the battery. The state of charge, the state of health, the current, the voltage, etc. are monitored by the BMS.

  • Estimation of the state of charge of an electric vehicle battery
  • Estimation of the state of health of an EV battery
  • Strategies for a long useful life of the battery of an electric vehicle
  • New technology for balancing the cells of electric vehicles
  • Protection circuits for the battery of an electric vehicle
  • Thermal management to increase the useful life of the battery
  • Extended and precise estimation of the state of charge with filters
  • Estimation of cell voltage in electric vehicles
  • Data analysis in BMS with computing in the cloud
  • Ideal performance minimization in BMS – develop BMS with low power consumption

List of 50 Top Electric Vehicle Projects

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  • Charging station for electric vehicles | Electric Vehicle Projects

Electric vehicle charging stations provide power to charge the electric vehicle battery. Public charging stations, private charging stations, and home charging stations are the common types of charging stations for electric cars.

  • Rapid charging station prototype for electric cars
  • Protection from overcurrent for electric car charging stations
  • Energy management for electric vehicles integrated into the grid
  • Automatic billing system for electric vehicle charging
  • Peak charge management with electric vehicle
  • Solar charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Harmonic reduction in charging stations of electric vehicles
  • Charging columns according to charging rates
  • Efficient level 2 charging station for home charging
  • Reduction of switching losses in level 2 charging stations

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  • Vehicle control unit | Electric Vehicle Projects

The vehicle control unit monitors the operation of a vehicle. A wide variety of research projects can be carried out on the vehicle’s control unit.

  • Optimal use of electric vehicle energy with VCU
  • A control strategy to minimize energy loss in an electric vehicle
  • Fuzzy control power division strategy in a hybrid electric vehicle
  • Reverse parking assistant for an electric vehicle
  • Finder of charging stations and battery monitoring for electric vehicles
  • Vehicle control system for autonomous driving
  • Vehicle control system for cruise control
  • Vehicle thermal management
  • Driver suggestion system to record road data
  • Anti-lock braking control

In the article, we list 50 project ideas on the topic of electric vehicles. The list is divided into 5 sections. Electric vehicle projects are not limited to the list above. One can develop many more projects related to electric vehicles.