PureEV EGNITE eBike Review – Electric bicycle

Here is the review on PureEV EGNITE eBike

PureEV EGNITE, is a new eBike from PureEV, a Hyderabad startup. Now they have released this model called EGNITE which is essentially an electric mountain bike.

Specs | PureEV EGNITE eBike

The PureEv EGNITE is manufactured by PureEV itself. Its model is registered as PureEV EGNITE eCycle. This eCycle can be purchased at a price of Rs 53,999. It is mostly used in Urban transport. The PureEV EGNITE comes with a WARRANTY of 1 year on the motor, controller, charger and battery.

The PureEV EGNITE is available all over India. It comes with a rear mounted gear hub motor, that gives a power of 250 watts and a peak torque of 40 Nm.

The PureEV EGNITE battery is of 36 volts. It is a 0.54 kWh battery. It takes 34 hours with a 3 amp charger to get fully charged, and gives an estimated range of 60 km PAS (level 3 to 5). It has no cruise control or regenerative braking.

The PureEV EGNITE can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h which is limited according to legal regulations. The PureEV EGNITE is also equipped with LED Lights and an Electric Horn.


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 Bike Info

The PureEV EGNITE has frame material of Zoom Brand Alloy. The frame is of grey colour. The PureEV EGNITE has a Shimano 7 Speed ​​Gear system. It comes with an Adjustable Front Suspension for Easy Ride on bumpy roads. It has plastic pedals.

The PureEV EGNITE comes equipped with Quality disc brakes. A gel mounted saddle. Alloy based spoke for the tires with a wheel size of 26 inches.

Design: PureEV EGNITE eBike

The PureEV EGNITE eBike just looks fantastic, there is a WOW feeling when you look at it from the side.

The battery appears to be part of the picture. You hardly realize it’s there.

The first thing that strikes you  is the large frame that gives you a cruising feel while driving.

The frame is large  and the company does not offer medium or small frame options. If you are a little smaller, the frame may be large for you.

It has a macho look, simply because the tires are wider, the frame slopes down a  bit.

Tangled cables are not very large. Most of the cables are neatly routed to the down tube, which makes everything look neat.

The hanger is nice and long. Adjusting the seat height is very easy and requires no tools.

The  digital LCD  with backlight and integrated keypad is nice and big.

It is very easy to read. It contains a lot of detailed information about the motor and batteries, as well as speed and temperature.

High quality frame, handlebar and idle from Zoom.

Performance: PureEV EGNITE eBike

In terms of speed and acceleration, we would give  the PureEV EGNITE top marks. Although the motor is rated at 250 watts, you can feel almost 500 watts of power being delivered to the motor when pedaling at the highest levels of assistance.

What again disappoints  is the responsiveness, possibly because our heart is geared toward having torque-based pedal assist sensors. But here we have a 5-magnet cadence sensor that reduces travel sensitivity  and that’s disappointing.

However, PureEV can easily fix this by installing a 12-magnet Pedal Assist sensor (PAS).  The controller may need to be modified a bit.

Providing an accelerator pedal is useful in slow  traffic and works very well. In slow  traffic, you should depress the accelerator pedal and lower the PAS levels.

The suspension can be adjusted on the front fork and is very comfortable on all types of roads. I was impressed by the components of the bike. Mechanical disc brakes,  Shimano gears, front suspension work very well.

The eBike has great bike components that can be changed to ensure a good ride quality.

It takes 12 turns of the pedal  before the electric motor will start with the electric assist. And when I stop pedaling, the battery continues to power  the motor for about 57 seconds.

While this is not a big deal, I want the power assist to stop as soon as I stop pedaling. Walk mode works fine as advertised.

PureEV EGNITE eBike Review

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Range: PureEV EGNITE eBike

The big 540 Wh battery is fantastic. You feel like there is unlimited energy as you go!

Most of us will use a combination of PAS (level 45) and throttle which should give you about 6070km of range before you bother to  charge. However, unlike an electric scooter, you can pedal with an eBike and go home when the battery is empty.

The charging status  is displayed on the LCD screen and also on the battery. The PureEV EGNITE consumes only  0.54 units (kWh) of electricity when fully charged. Very good economy for those who choose to go to work every day.

The eBike weighs 23 kg and the 2.35-inch wide tires contribute to a firm grip on the road. Unfortunately, this is not ideal if you are driving without power assistance. We recommend switching to a 2-inch wide tire that offers less rolling resistance. The company claimed it was possible because the tire supports it. 7-speed transmissions are a blessing.

Charging: PureEV EGNITE eBike

The eBike battery is removable, You can take the battery home or to work to charge it. It is interesting to remove the battery  with the lever provided. The charge indicator on the LCD screen shows the exact remaining power and is a reliable indicator. The charger is compact and charges the battery in approximately 4 hours.

Pricing: PureEV EGNITE eBike

The PureEV EGNITE eBike is quite expensive at 47,499. But as a premium eBike, I would have expected a better pedal assist sensor. Also for this price, a hydraulic braking system would be better.  PureEV has dealerships all over India which is much better  compared to many  online only companies, eBike is available on PureEV website which is a bonus.

Ownership: PureEV EGNITE eBike

PureEV must be the only company in India that sells electric bikes with Indian made battery packs. This is great as they can service these packages if there is a problem. Service and support are available to all customers as the business expands on the dealer front.

The PureEV team did a great job  bringing a high quality FAT eBike to the Indian market. The bike components are of high quality Due to the large battery, I would like to take this eBike  out of town. But of course the PureEV EGNITE shines like an urban commuter.