Ather 450 E-Scooter: The complete charging guide

Here is the full guide to Ather 450 E-Scooter: Complete Guide

Ather 450 is an e-scooter announced in 2014 from the manufacturing company Ather Energy. The scooter took around 4 years before making its way to the roads in 2018. E-scooters are scooters that run on electric power which they get through the battery pack to power up the electric motor and get moving. Ather 450 comes with a 2.4-kilowatt-hour(kWh) battery pack, that provides a range of 75km on a single charge.  The Ather 450 has a powerful 5.4 kW electric motor which is capable of getting the top speed of 80km/h and can also go from 0 to 40 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. The battery is said to have a life of 3-4 years or 50,000km.

There are different charging options available we will discuss all these options along with the time taken to fully charge the battery and also discussing the ownership cost of Ather 450.

How to charge Ather 450

  • Location of charging port and the type of connector needed to charge Ather 450

The Ather 450 E-Scooter comes with a custom charging connector. The charging port can be easily spotted just near the key. All we need to do is just keep the vehicle off the plugin the charger and the charging starts immediately.

How long does it take to charge Ather 450

Just like any other electric vehicle the Ather 450 E-Scooter also has multiple ways of charging such as at home with a usual portable charger from any wall socket at home or office, other than this it can be charged using Ather Ac home charging stations or Using Ather 450 E-Scooter DC fast-charging stations.

Ather 450 E-Scooter

1.Using portable chargers

Ather 450 E-Scooter can be charged at home or offices of a person using the portable charger which needs to be purchased separately. The portable charger costs a total sum of Rs.5,600. This charger needs to be connected to a socket which gives a voltage of 5amperes (5A). It takes around 4 hours to fully charge the e-scooter. This charger is easy to carry hence can be useful while traveling as it can be plugged it at any wall socket across the way. The drawback is that it is not water and dust resistant so it can not be left in open space overnight.

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2. Using Ather AC home chargers

Ather 450 E-Scooter provides all its buyers with Ather AC chargers at their home for free, although they need to pay installation charges which sum up at Rs.1,800 in total. This charging option is a bit slower as compared to the portable charger. It takes 4hours and 30minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%, and to go from 0 to 100% takes 5hours and 15minutes. This charger comes with water and dust protection so it can withstand a little bit of harsh weather and can be used outside but the drawback is that not everyone has the place in their house to install the charger as it also needs an electricity connection.

3. Using Ather DC public fast chargers

The DC public fast chargers are the fastest way to charge the Ather 450. It takes 1hour and 15minutes to fully charge. The charging here happens very fast when the battery is low and gets slow as the battery reaches 70%. It is available for free, although there are very few charging stations with Ather DC fast chargers are available.

Ather 450 E-Scooter

There are some other charging options available too like one can charge at other third-party charging points using their portable chargers. These third-party charging stations such as Bharat AC001 are easy to find and are available in more numbers, the problem with these chargers is that because of the charging port being a custom one the portable charger needs to be carried along.

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Cost of ownership of Ather 450 E-Scooter

The ownership cost cannot consist of just the on-road price of the vehicle, it should have some parameters like the cost of electricity for charging the battery, how often one uses the vehicle, maintenance charges which will all add up to give the final price.

The cost of the Ather 450 E-Scooter is higher compared to petrol scooters, where the average price of a petrol scooter comes around Rs.70,000 the Ather 450 E-Scooter comes at whooping Rs.1.25lakhs. The price also goes a little up as charger installation, portable charger, subscription charges, insurance, and registration charges at the RTO needs to be paid by the consumer themselves. Although some states in India offer subsidies on electric vehicles which lowers the price a little.

On a single charge, Ather 450 provides a mileage of 75km and charging the whole battery costs approx 3 units which makes the price near to Rs.1.50 per km, wherein the petrol scooters it goes up to Rs.2 nowadays considering that the scooter gives a mileage of 50 to 60km per liter. The use of DC fast chargers will also cost money in the coming future which will be higher than home chargers or portable chargers adding up to the final cost of the vehicle in a long term.

The maintenance of the Ather 450 E-Scooter costs more compared to other petrol scooters as after 3 to 4 years the battery will need to be replaced with a new one that will cost approx Rs.60,000, where on the other side the petrol scooter costs less until they are ruined totally.

Summing up the whole costing things after few years the Ather 450 E-Scooter is going to cost either more or same as any other classic petrol engine scooter the only benefit it can give is that it would reduce pollution to a greater extent and help keep the environment clean. If in the near future the battery prices go down then the Ather 450 is surely going to be a profitable deal for both the environment and the consumer. The Ather 450 E-Scooter can still be considered by the consumers as if they use it until it goes to the trash in the future then the cost of battery replacement will disappear as the new users do not usually drive their vehicles for more than 6 to 7 years hence this can be a profitable deal for them.