Best Electric Scooters in India- 2022

Here are the Best Electric Scooters in India- 2022


Electric motorbikes and scooters are two- or three-wheeled plug-in electric vehicles. The electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery on board and is used to power one or more electric motors. Normal kick scooters are substantially slower than electric scooters. The price of an electric scooter starts at INR 25,000 and goes up from there. In India, the electric mobility industry is gaining traction, thanks to government initiatives that encourage it. Automobile manufacturers have also attempted to increase local production and marketing of electric vehicles. With these improvements, the government intends to ban gasoline and diesel automobiles off the roadways by 2030. Best Electric Scooters in India

These Electric scooters don’t utilise any fossil fuels or other sources of energy, but they do need to be recharged after a time. It is not essential to charge your scooter on a daily basis or after each journey. The recommended approach is to keep the battery charged between 30% and 80% of the time. If you’re going on a lengthy journey, though, make sure the scooter is fully charged. Best Electric Scooters in India

Most electric scooters can go between 10 and 80 miles on a single charge, depending on the battery, weight, and other established parameters. Keep in mind that your mileage may vary depending on the sort of electric scooter you choose. As a result, today we will discuss numerous electric scooters so that you may pick according to your budget and preferences. Best Electric Scooters in India

Top 10 electric scooters and e-bikes in India

Best Electric Scooters in India


  1. Ola S1 & S1 pro- Best Electric Scooters in India

Ola, India’s leading commute platform, has unveiled the Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters. Both versions have a comparable design score, with the Pro version having some additional features. The basic Ola S1 can travel up to 121 kilometres on a single charge, whereas the S1 Pro variant can travel up to 181 kilometres. S1 has a peak speed of 90 kmph, whereas S1 Pro has a top speed of 115 kmph. It uses keyless technology and includes a 7-inch touchscreen display.

  1. Bajaj Chetak- Best Electric Scooters in India

In India, Bajaj has resurrected its classic scooter model as an electric scooter. The new Bajaj Chetak has a sleek design and is made of steel. It has a 4kW electric motor that generates 16Nm of electric torque. The highest speed is 78 kilometres per hour, and the distance is 95 kilometres. A 3KWh battery with an IP67 certification and a charge time of 5 hours is included. The business promises to be able to complete a 70,000-kilometer journey in seven years. Premium and Urbane are the two variants offered by Bajaj Chetak. Chetak Premium is available in four distinct colours and has an official former price of Rs 1,47,775 in Delhi.

  1. Hero Photon HX- Best Electric Scooters in India

It has a basic set of features, including a 26Ah battery and a 1.8kW engine for power. The electric scooter has a top speed of 45 kmph and a maximum distance of 108 kilometres per charge. The Photon HX’s battery can be fully charged in 5 hours. To operate a scooter on Indian highways, it must be registered. It is available in two colour options: black and gold. In Delhi/NCR, the Hero Electric Photon HX costs Rs 74,240 ex-showroom, including the FAME 2 subsidy. However, according to state government guidelines, there is an extra subsidy available.

  1. Pure EV- Best Electric Scooters in India

Pure EV, a start-up located in Hyderabad, features two electric scooters in its line-up, the Epluto and the Epluto 7G. The ordinary Epluto comes with basic features, however the Epluto 7G comes with a more comprehensive set. The normal model’s highest speed is 25 kmph, whereas the 7G variant can reach 60 kmph. The first model comes with a 1.8kWh rechargeable battery system with an estimated range of 85 kilometres. The Epluto 7G, on the other hand, has a 2.5kWh battery and can go between 90 and 120 kilometres. The 7G model has a large LCD screen and a multiple-speed mode. The Epluto 7G is priced at Rs 86,999, while the regular e-scooter is priced at Rs 74,999. It comes in a total of six colour options.

Best Electric Scooters in India- 2022

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  1. TVS iQube Electric- Best Electric Scooters in India

TVS is one of India’s most well-known two-wheeler manufacturers, and the iQube Electric is the company’s first foray into the electric vehicle market. The e-scooter has crystal-clear LED headlights, a large storage area, and a USB connector with light inside the boot space. It has a 4.4kW motor that gives it a peak speed of 78kmph and a range of 75 kilometres. The scooter goes from zero to forty kilometres per hour in 4.2 seconds. It takes about 5 hours to charge a battery that is 80 percent charged. Bajaj Chetak is priced at Rs 1,00,777 ex-showroom in Delhi, with an iQube Electric charger at Rs 11,238.

Best Electric Scooters in India- 2022

Compared to traditional gasoline and fuel-run bikes, electric motorcycles have a number of benefits. E-bikes are noted for their excellent efficiency, little maintenance, and zero emissions. Several large two-wheeler players have rushed in with their own electric bike or scooter, based on these benefits. Purchasing an electric bike might be challenging. Before you buy a bike, there are a few things to consider.

We’ve selected the greatest electric scooters on the market right now; have a look at them, do some research on your preferred scooter, and then buy it. We hope you found this post useful; please give us with your valuable comments so that we may continue to publish similar articles for you.