Costs and benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Easy to maintain:

All types of vehicles, of course, require maintenance and care. However, in the case of traditional and electric vehicles, ICE’s traditional vehicles require more maintenance over time for several reasons.

First, the internal combustion engine and drive-train mechanical parts must be lubricated to prevent friction when the parts rub against each other. For this reason, the engine needs to be re-oiled every 3,000 to 12,000 miles, depending on the vehicle, and the drive-train needs to be serviced with fresh liquid every few years. These liquids need to be replaced as they can deteriorate over time, even if you do not drive too much.

Costs and benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Next, there are deposits that may appear due to the nature of the liquid itself. Gasoline deposits can cover the fuel injector and reduce its ability to supply gas to the engine. This can reduce engine performance and require the fuel injector to be cleaned or replaced.

This can be one of the main costs and benefits of investing in an electric vehicle compared to a traditional vehicle, as the usual services required for an ICE vehicle are not required for an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles do not use gasoline or have an internal combustion engine, so they have no injectors and do not require regular oil changes.

Costs and benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Types of electric cars and Pros and cons of electric cars

Electric vehicles typically have about 20 dozen fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines, reducing the need for lubrication of the entire vehicle. This not only saves money, but also saves time. No more wondering how long it will take to make sure you spend your time shopping when you realize that your oil change is delayed. benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Air quality:

Compared to traditional cars, electric cars also had a positive impact on air quality. A study published in February 2020 investigated the impact of electric vehicles on air quality in northern, central and southern Taiwan. They found that electric vehicles not only reduced air pollutants commonly associated with ICE emissions, but also had better air quality health benefits of more than $ 43 billion annually.

ICE vehicle engineers are actively working to reduce emissions caused by traditional vehicles, and local regulations may require emission test certification, but the value is higher than that of electric vehicles. It’s still high. Also, if you choose to reduce the emissions of your traditional vehicle, you may add another maintenance that your electric vehicle does not need.


Electric vehicles generally enhance safety measures in the event of an accident. One must meet the same road requirements as safety is tested using the same metrics as ICE vehicles. However, since electric vehicles run on batteries, they can be turned off by deploying the airbag. Since it does not use gasoline, it is unlikely that the car will catch fire in the event of a collision.


It is not possible to discuss traditional and electric vehicles without discussing their impact on the environment. Electric vehicles have not yet affected the environment, but have much less impact on climate change.

Electric vehicles have an impact on the environment because they rely on electricity and need to recycle their batteries. However, research and innovation are underway, continuously reducing carbon dioxide emissions from electric vehicles to zero.  Jessika Trancik, an associate professor of energy research at MIT, told The New York Times: Submerge multiple times. benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Even the best petrol-burning hybrids have an emission base that can’t  always go down. Similarly, internal combustion engine vehicles have an emission base that the properties of fossil fuels cannot exceed. benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Noise Pollution:

Noise is something most people don’t notice until their neighbor’s dog stops barking or a garbage truck arrives, but noise pollution is a serious problem. Studies show that exposure to noise not only increases the likelihood of deafness, but can also increase blood pressure, increase stress, and interfere with sleep.

Costs and benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

Why Don’t People Use Electric Cars More?

If you are using a traditional vehicle with a good silencer and a well-maintained engine, you may not hear the car noise, especially from the muffled interior. But even modern vehicles will make more noise than electric vehicles because of the way the internal combustion engine works and all the gear and mechanical parts needed to keep the vehicle running.

The smoothness of the electric vehicle was a joke from the beginning, but lower noise levels have reduced noise annoyance and created a healthier and happier community. Comparing traditional and electric vehicles, electric vehicles dominate the fight against noise pollution. benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars

There are many reasons for EVs, even if you are concerned about the economic, physiological, or social costs and benefits of investing in an electric vehicle rather than a traditional vehicle. In addition, the future of automobile technology centered on electric vehicles will have a positive impact on business and vehicles by going downstairs. benefits of electric cars vs conventional cars