Electric Car Conversion Companies – Convert Your Gas-based Car to an all-electric car

Do you like your gasoline vehicle and still want to run it electrically? Electric car conversion companies would help you here.

The gasoline vehicles come in a wide variety of models and variants. Although it was invented before, electric vehicles are not that popular. Customers are obsessed with some models and may want to convert the vehicle to an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles and the impact on environment

Why electric vehicles?

The electric vehicle is an environmentally friendly vehicle with zero / fewer exhaust emissions. The performance of the electric vehicle is comparable to that of vehicles with a combustion engine. Sometimes better than the gas-based engines.

The characteristics of torque-speed, better efficiency, tax benefits, etc. make them superior to gasoline vehicles are some other benefits of electric vehicles that attract customers.

How to convert a gasoline vehicle to a fully functional electric vehicle?

Electric Car Conversion Companies

The process of converting a gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle is simple

  1. Remove the components related to the gasoline engine
  2. Connect the electric powertrain

There are two ways to do it

  • Do it yourself! – Interesting and difficult for beginners
  • Use the help of an electric vehicle conversion company

Some electric car conversion companies:

1. Electro Automotive

Electro Automotive was founded in Felton, California in 1979 and specializes in the conversion of electric vehicles.

2. Wilderness EV

Home of the true electric vehicle kits and finished electric cars! We specialize in the conversion of electric cars, which convert inefficient and environmentally harmful gasoline cars into clean and efficient electric vehicles that can be charged with renewable fuels in hybrid or off-grid conditions through solar charging stations in homes. Your vehicle will then become a truly clean and renewable form of transportation, and YOU will be PART OF THE SOLUTION rather than part of the problem.

3. Revolt Electric Vehicles

Revolt Electric Vehicles was started to offer bespoke electric vehicles. revolt Systems was founded by Eddy Borysewicz with the idea of ​​producing powerful electric powertrains for classic American automobiles. Our love of American steel and technology combine to create the most advanced electrical conversions on the market.
We strive for quality and innovation and work with some of the leading companies in the industry. The electric vehicle industry is fast becoming the biggest revolution in transportation. ReVolt Systems’ goal is to deliver unmatched products to our customers.

Electric Car Conversion

4. Green Motors Inc

Green Motors, Inc. is a company dedicated to making our country a cleaner place to live. It was launched by Todd Barlow in July 2006. When he saw the amount of pollution we had in America and the increase in gas prices, he knew something had to be done. Then he got the idea. When we use less gasoline, we reduce the pollution we have.

“Many have been waiting for something like this,” she said, “and no one seemed to do anything about it.” With fuel costs rising rapidly, it’s important for everyone to think about reducing our dependence on gasoline for transportation.

Green Motors Inc. was founded in Arizona on September 24, 2007. We operate a 4-bay auto plant in North Phoenix. We are insured, insured and licensed as used car dealers in the state of Arizona.

The Northern Arizona-based company provides services such as

  • plug-in hybrid conversions for your hybrid
  • electric conversion parts
  • electric car conversions
  • electric car sales
  • electric car service
  • electric vehicle training materials
  • bicycles and bikes Electric conversions

Green Motors strives to provide economically suitable electric transport that does not pollute the earth.

How Electric Car Batteries Work?

5. Make Mine Electric

Make Mine Electric Car Conversion is a company dedicated to improving the world we live in. We want owning and driving an electric car to be cool.
We believe in the power of positive change and work to make a sustainable difference that benefits the environment today and for generations to come.

Some More Electric Car Conversion  companies:

  • Electro Automotive
  • Electric Vehicle Systems
  • Eco-conversions
  • EVPorsche.com
  • Clean Ride Electric Vehicles
  • Pacific EV
  • Left Coast Electric
  • Metric Mind Corporation
  • EV Source LLC
  • EV-Blue/Electric Blue
  • Electric Vehicles of America (EVA)

The list of electric car conversion companies is included in the post. You can do the conversion yourself or contact the companies for help.

Since Electric Car Conversion are the future of transportation, try an electric vehicle and go green! Ask all the questions like autonomy, charging, acceleration, service life, battery maintenance, etc. before deciding on a conversion company.