Electric scooters vs Petrol scooters

Here is full guide to Electric Scooters vs Petrol Scooters: Buying Guide

There is a lot of misinformation in the media about the cost of electric vehicles. In the blog / video we dispelled this myth and showed how gasoline scooters cost as much as electric scooters and how you always save money using an electric vehicle when it comes to the total cost of ownership.

You must be surprised at the prices of gasoline scooters. With the rising cost of BS6 engines, the price of gasoline scooters has increased. There is a big mistake in the media and among people who say that electric vehicles are expensive compared to gasoline vehicles. But that’s no longer the case in our world of electric scooters.

This is mainly due to the hard work of the Indian electric vehicle industry as the localization continues to grow. The prices of electric scooters have almost reached parity with those of gasoline and will soon be cheaper once the battery cells are mass produced in India.

Electric Scooters vs Petrol Scooters: Buying Guide

 Fuel Costs

The main reason electric scooters are so attractive is their extremely low cost of ownership.

The cost per km to operate an electric scooter like the PURE EV eTrance NEO is only 0.25 rupees per km. Electricity costs are quite cheap: 10 rupees per unit in the commercial areas of the cities and 34 rupees in the towns and small villages.

The cost per km to operate this gasoline scooter is 2.5 rupees per km (40 km / l, 100 rupees per liter). The scooter costs Rs 90,000.

Also, understand that gasoline costs vary due to macroeconomic conditions. Today gasoline costs Rs 100 per liter. Tomorrow it can exceed 120 rupees. Electricity prices are quite stable for many decades, so your electric scooter always has low running costs.

Electric Scooters vs Petrol Scooters Buying Guide

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Maintenance costs

Let’s talk about the maintenance costs of this gasoline scooter for a period of 5 years. Gasoline scooters have many complex parts and an engine that requires lubrication. Most gasoline scooters have a maintenance cost of Rs 6,000 per year, which is equivalent to Rs 30,000 over a 5-year period.

Remember, gasoline scooters also have many parts: engine, gearbox, gearbox, converter, filters, engine parts, etc. These can go wrong and lead to replacements or repairs. Let’s put aside the parts repair / replacement cost of Rs 10,000 over a 5-year period.

So, the total cost of maintaining your petrol scooter could be Rs 40,000 over a period of 5 years.

Let’s talk about the maintenance cost of this electric scooter over a period of 5 years. Electric scooters have far fewer moving parts compared to gasoline scooters. So, you have to make fewer trips to the service station for regular mechanical maintenance and engine oil.

Most electric scooters like the PURE EV eTrance NEO have a 3-year / 40,000 km battery warranty so that for 3 years of battery-related maintenance is not required. Please understand that this battery is made by PURE EV themselves at by their dealers, who sell the electric scooters. Therefore, all battery-related service work should be done by your PURE EV dealer. For other manufacturers, check with distributors.

 What are the battery maintenance costs in the fourth and fifth years after the warranty period expires?

The internal battery pack could be damaged due to physical damage. The BMS board may need to be replaced or repaired.

Lithium cells can become unbalanced. Some cells may have lower voltage when fully charged due to age. So, these cells need cell reinforcement or, in the worst case, cell replacement. Let’s keep Rs 5,000 for battery maintenance for the 4th and 5th years.

Please understand that lithium batteries are very reliable. And many of you may not even have these problems.

Electric Scooters vs Petrol Scooters Buying Guide

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 Battery Pack Cell Health Checks

Each PURE EV dealer is equipped with a unique “BaTRics Faraday” system, which is artificial intelligence-based hardware that repairs battery defects through an external recovery process. PURE EV has developed AI-controlled hardware that diagnoses and rectifies battery faults using a device connected externally to the battery. It is recommended that you check your battery with this system every 3 months. We have not seen other electric scooter manufacturers offer any kind of battery monitoring system to their dealers.

TCO Costs

Regarding the maintenance and repair of other components in an electric scooter. Electronic parts such as controller, motor, DCDC converter, charger, wiring harness, etc. may be faulty and may need to be replaced or repaired. So, let’s reserve 15,000 rupees to exchange parts. A regular annual service would cost 5000 rupees (1000 rupees per year). Therefore, the total cost of maintaining your electric scooter could be around 25,000 rupees.

When it comes to a battery replacement, we believe you won’t have to replace your battery pack for 5 years. However, if you feel that there is deterioration and you need more autonomy after more than 4 years, you can buy a new battery. We estimate that a 2.5 or 3 kWh PURE EV battery will cost Rs 25,000 to 30,000 over 4 years because the battery is manufactured in-house.

Don’t fall for false propaganda. Electric vehicles are affordable, and an electric scooter saves money. You will also enjoy a smooth and environmentally friendly ride. So, just go and get one now!