Hero Electric Optima HX (Dual Battery)

The biggest manufacturer of electric two-wheelers in India, Hero Electric, has been established by Hero MotoCorp, the country’s largest seller of two-wheelers. Electric scooters of all types, from high-speed models to models that are fuel-efficient, are manufactured and sold by the firm. The Optima CX, a new electric scooter from Hero Electric, was just released. This is an enhanced model of the company’s well-known Optima HX electric scooter. And in today’s piece, we’ll take a closer look at its features, colours, versions, and other crucial details. If this interests you, keep reading.

FEATURES ON A GO | Hero Electric Optima

The Optima HX is an electric scooter from Hero Electric’s Optima line that is designed for city use. Hero Electric Optima is available in two variations: Optima CX Dual Battery, the highest variation. If you ignore the specs sheet for a second, it can realistically provide a range of 80 miles on a single charge. 42 km/h is its highest speed. It has a quick-charge technology that significantly shortens the charging time. A 6A battery charger with temperature and voltage protection is used. Hero Electric claims that the Optima HX would be a fantastic solution for clients searching for a dependable electric two-wheeler for city commuting that will deliver good performance and comfort. The motor power goes from 550 W to 1200 W.

COLOR OPTIONS | Hero Electric Optima

Hero Electric Optima comes in four colors: white, red, grey, and blue. Based on availability and personal preference, you can select your favorite. They’re all equally stylish and would make for incredibly cool E-scooters to own.

Hero Electric Optima

PRICING | Hero Electric Optima

In Hero Electric dealerships, the pricing of the Optima begins at Rs. 62,190. The top-tier Hero Electric Optima model costs as much as Rs. 77,490. We also have the Optima on-road pricing breakdown for all of its versions, which includes the ex-showroom price + RTO fees + Insurance and other expenditures. For the Hero Electric Optima base model pricing, the Optima EMI works out to Rs. 1,792 per month @ 9.45 percent. You may check their website or go to the Hero Electric store closest to you if you want to learn more about other bikes in the same price range. You may also go for a test drive and choose for yourself which is ideal for you.

Hero Electric Optima


  1. It is really silent, just what a decent e-scooter ought to be.
  2. The Anti-theft function – Loud Alarm is one advantage this scooter has over others. The scooter may be entirely immobilised and cannot be moved even when being pushed.
  3. Two adults of average size may comfortably commute on it because to its lovely design, which feels quite similar to a traditional scooter in contrast to some e-scooters, which seem too unusual.
  4. The front storage space is fairly large and practical, and the USB charger makes it even more practical.
  5. Additionally, the LED headlamp provides outstanding night time lighting, and the changeable battery option boosts mobility.


  1. A full-size helmet cannot be stored behind the seat of the scooter, and the scooter’s mediocre braking performance is a disgrace to the brand.
  2. The materials used are of ordinary quality, the accessories could use some enhancement, and there is definitely potential for advancement.
  3. Many travellers or professional riders find the 80 km limited range to be a turn off.
  4. The charge metre is difficult to comprehend in volts and shows unpredictable behaviour.
  5. The delay between applying the throttle and the bike moving gets worse on steep uphill.

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THE FINAL VERDICT | Hero Electric Optima

Simply said, Hero Electric has been able to provide a combination of drivability, practicality, and a really quiet motor at a very reasonable cost of around 80k. Because it vibrates less than a gas scooter, the scooter is more pleasant for the body. Although the scooter is fun to ride, it doesn’t always seem secure because of the fast traffic around. It has two batteries, each of which weighs around 9 kg, is simple to charge, and is highly useful while doing maintenance or repairs. Whether or whether you want to purchase it is entirely up to you. It’s intelligent generally, although it could use a few little modifications here and there.

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