Kabira Mobility KM3000 Electric Bike

Electric vehicles have no gears and are extremely easy to drive. There are only three buttons to operate: accelerate, brake, and steer. Simply plug your car into a home or public charger when you need to charge it. EVs are now a realistic, everyday method of transportation, with several advantages for both consumers and companies. Electric cars are very quiet, reducing noise pollution caused by regular automobiles.

They feature a low centre of gravity, which makes them easier to handle, more comfortable, and safer. Electric cars may often find free, priority, or dedicated parking places that are strategically placed for easy access. One of the most significant advantages of driving an electric vehicle is the reduced environmental effect. Let’s talk about it further-

In India, Kabira Mobility, a Goa-based electric vehicle start-up has unveiled two electric bikes, the KM3000 and KM4000. Mr. Jaibir Singh, an Indian Navy veteran, headed a team of six engineers that formed the firm in 2017. The KM3000 is a powerful, sporty electric bike with intriguing features and a fair price. The bike is entirely enclosed and aerodynamically stable, with a comfortable design for users with a low centre of gravity.

Electric Bike

About KM3000 | Electric Bike

The Kabira Mobility KM3000 produces 6 kW of peak power and costs Rs. 1,26,990 in India. The KM3000 has a base weight of 138 kg and a reported peak speed of 100 kmph. There are three riding modes on the KM3000. The first mode is ECO, which has a range of 120 kilometres, followed by City, which has a range of 95 kilometres, and Sports, which has a range of 60 kilometres. The bike has a computerised instrument panel with Bluetooth connectivity and keyless start, allowing the rider to examine ride data.

Charging | Electric Bike

The KM3000 can be charged in two ways: in Eco mode, it takes 6.5 hours to fully charge the battery packs, while in Boost mode, it takes just 50 minutes to charge up to 80% of the battery pack. The KM3000 has a combi-braking system, inbuilt rapid chargers, and company-provided roadside support. The KM3000 is said to have a range of 150 kilometres.

Running Costs | Electric Bike

Electric vehicles have substantially lower operating costs than identical fuel or diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles charge their batteries with electricity rather than fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel. Electric vehicles are more fuel efficient, and when paired with the cost of energy, charging an electric vehicle is less expensive than filling a gasoline or diesel vehicle for your travel needs. Electric cars may be made more environmentally friendly by using renewable energy sources.

Availability | Electric Bike

In India, there are 18 and counting Kabira Mobility bike dealers. Find all of your city’s Kabira Mobility dealers. Inquire about the EX-showroom and on-road pricing, as well as other available options, and then schedule a test drive near you. There are several places where you may contact these vendors.

Features | Electric Bike

It has a digital speedometer, tachometer, and tripmeter, among other features. A Pass Light, Antitheft Lock, and Low Battery Indication System are also included. They offer a win-win feature in the form of a mobile app for automobile diagnosis. A Dual Split Seat, Alloy Wheels, and many more interesting features are included.

Electric Bike

Color Options | Electric Bike

The well-known Kabira Mobility KM 3000 is only available in one colour: red. Although this is a bold contrast hue with Black, many individuals are hesitant to purchase such a vibrant colour. This is one of the Kabira KM3000’s flaws.

Warranty and Price | Electric Bike

Keeping the extras and insurance costs apart, the business has opted to keep the ex-showroom pricing of the KM 3000 between 1-1.12 lakhs. The business has given a three-year warranty on the battery packs, controllers, and all other electrical equipment, but no warranty for the body because the majority of the body pieces are made of fibre plastic.

Competition | Electric Bike

The Revolt RV400, the only other electric bike currently on sale in India, will be its major and closest competitor. The pricing of the RV400 is Rs 1.19 lakh. TVS iQube Electric Scooter, Ola S1 Scooter, Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter, and others are among the contenders.



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According to internet evaluations and feedback from users, this is India’s longest-riding electric bike. They adore Kabira Mobility and take pleasure in riding it. It is a cost-effective e-bike. It, like all other electric bikes, helps to reduce pollution. It also requires less maintenance thanks to its efficient electric motor. It is entirely environmentally friendly since it does not emit pollutants and performs better. Electric vehicles charge their batteries with electricity rather than fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel. Overall, this bike is a fantastic choice for any bike enthusiasts!