What is OCPI

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The growth of electric vehicles is not hidden from anyone; the number is increasing day by day and there are a lot of electric cars on the road running already. As the number of electric vehicles is increasing, the number of charging stations, charging point operators, and service providers for these electric vehicles are also increasing, but all these providers are not on the same page of the book each one of them uses a different language to communicate with each other.

What is OCPI

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Open Charge Point Interface protocol : What is OCPI

All these electric vehicles service providers like the charging stations and charging points operators are currently going through. Although there is a good thing that the electric vehicle industry does not need to start from the start. The implementation of open charge point protocol (OCPP) along with open charge interface protocol (OCPI) would make the roaming between different charging station operators easy. These principles would be the same as the principle of banks and the telecom industry.

What is OCPI | Quick introduction to Open Charge Point Interface protocol

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The open charge point interface (OCPI) enables an automated electric vehicle roaming setup between the operators of any charging point and the electric vehicle service providers. It supports authorization, charge point information exchange, details of charging records, and the exchange of information that is related to smart charging between the parties.