Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

The new eBike from Delhi startup Elektron Cycles, which launched its first mountain bike in 2017. Now they have launched this model, called the M5X, which is essentially a FATeBike.

1. Specifications and Details:

The price of the M5X Fat e-Bike is Rs 59,999. It can be used in Town / City / Snow / Sand / Hill Commuting, etc. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year on the Battery, Engine, Controller, and Charger. The M5X Fat e-Bike can be purchase throughout India. The M5X Fat e-Bike has a Gear hub motor Rear mount engine. That has an output of 250 Watts, and a motor torque of 45Nm. Its battery has voltage of 36 Volts, with the capacity of 36 V x 15 Ah = 280.8 Wh = 540 Units (kWh).

The battery is Samsung Brand-57 years battery life. These are lithium-based 18650 cells. 8001000 cycles is the estimated life cycle for this package. 5000060000 km Estimated battery life. The M5X Fat e-Bike charging time is 5 hours with a standard 2 amp charger and can give a estimated range of 90 km PAS (levels 3-5). It comes with Cruise Control. It misses on the Regenerative Braking. Pedal Assist Consists of 12 Magnet Sensors Providing Cadence Pedal Assist. It can reach the top Speed of 25 km / h Compliant with cruise control.

The M5X Fat e-Bike frame material is 7005 Aluminum Alloy, it has different frame colour options such as Red, Yellow, Black, and White. The M5X Fat e-Bike comes with a 7 Speed ​​Shimano Altus Transmission and Simple Front Suspension. It has AL Alloy as pedal. Its brake consist of High Quality Disc Brake 180 mm. The Wheel Size is 26 inches. The M5X Fat e-Bike comes with some accessories such as Luggage Rack, Additional Seatpost, Cable Lock, Helmet, and Tools for Assembling Bicycles. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

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2. The Performance & Ride:

Frame is made of 7005 aluminum alloy and is great. However, the eBike still feels heavy at 28kg. Driving without motor assist is not easy due to the increased weight of the steel frame. When using pedal assist or accelerator pedal, there is no problem with weight. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

Incredible suspension and ride quality thanks to the front wheel suspension the large tires absorb a lot of vibration when riding, reducing the burden on the hands and hips. Suspension under the seat improves comfort.  I was impressed with the parts of the bike. Mechanical disc brakes, Shimano gear and front suspension work very well. The Elektron team has selected the great components that the brand eBike needs to have to ensure a great ride quality.

The BLDC motor is rated at 250 watts, is an electric motor that provides adequate torque at low speeds and has an almost quiet gearbox. You can hear the comfortable howling of the engine, especially with the support level raised. When the user is in pedal assist mode, the controller has a balanced algorithm. It will rotate 12 pedals before the electric motor starts with electric assist. Pedal Assist Even at level 5, energy is released more gradually than other electric bicycles.

The M5X Fat eBike absolutely shines on the beach. When I lowered the air pressure to 15 PSI, I had a nice night on the beach with a firm grip on the surface for most of the time. Compared to the eBike tested before, it is not as responsive and accelerating on normal roads. Maybe it’s a design decision to measure things to save battery. The Pedal Assist 0-3 is not very comfortable to ride with additional weight. Modes 4 and 5 squeeze more juice out of the battery, so it’s a lot of fun to drive. Adjusting the height of the seat is very easy and requires no tools. The seat quality with suspension is excellent and provides a comfortable ride. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

Cruise control mode is a cool feature. Keep constant speed until you step on the brakes or accelerate. The value of this feature can really be felt on a long journey.

Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

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3. Styling and Looks:

The Elektron M5X eBike looks great and it’s easy to see why. Everything is well integrated and the cables are completely hidden from a distance. The FAT tires look great and make this eBike really special. The battery and controller are mounted on the down tube, so it looks elegant. We love battery integration. You hardly notice the battery here. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

The cable is neatly wired to the down tube so everything looks pretty. The perch is nice and long. Adjusting the height of the seat is very easy and does not require any tools.  The digital LCD display with backlight and integrated keypad is great and big. It’s very easy to read. It contains a lot of detailed information about the engine and battery, as well as speed and temperature. Fat Bike looks great as a whole. Many people don’t even know at a glance if it’s an electric fat bike. The frame is smooth and has a high quality paint and finish. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

4. Efficiency and Range:

Even with a heavy eBike of this size and weight, the large 36V * 15Ah battery is great. Accelerating is a lot of fun, but it drains the battery. We did a full throttle test once and achieved a range of about 50km before the battery ran out. Most of us use a combination of PAS (level 45) and throttle. This gives you a range of about 6070km before you bother with charging. In contrast to the electric scooter, you can row your eBike and go home when the battery is empty. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review

The Elektron M5X uses only 0.54 units (kWh) of power to fully charge. It’s very economical for those who choose to commute every day. The 7 speed transmission is a blessing. When I climb the bridge, I often go into the lowest gear and start electrical assistance only when I really need it. Ultimately, the Elektron team did a great job of bringing high quality FATeBike to the Indian market. Bike components are of high quality. Do not buy this eBike for hills or long distance trips. When you get to work stylishly, everyone can see your M5X. Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike review